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Happy 2015 from Dragone!
Join us on a journey and
discover our upcoming shows

The Journey

The House of Dancing Water

Las Vegas

    As we look back on 2014, we feel incredibly blessed to have shared dreams with each and every one of you. Whether you have seen one of our shows, are one of our cherished partners or are a member of the Dragone family.

    And as we look to 2015, more than ever, we look forward to sailing well beyond the existing, charted waters, together. With shows soon opening across China, in Paris, Dubai and Jakarta, the coming years will undoubtedly be the most creative of Franco’s life, and the most exciting for our audiences, partners and teams.

    We can’t wait to navigate through 2015 with you.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

    The Dragone team

    Spectators are our passion.
    Creation is our core.
    We are Dragone.
    And our story is only beginning.

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